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At CLICK PREMIUM / FAMILY you will have access to the best in the world about family photography through 30 video classes with 30 of the best professionals in the industry! The course is subdivided into more than 150 high performance blocks with innovative content that is sure to raise the level of your photography.

Here you will find classes on photography of pregnant women, childbirth, newborn, newborn with older babies, accompaniment, cake smash, children's external rehearsals, editing, editing directed to the baby's skin, lighting, marketing, sales, studio management, diagramming album and more!

This is a course that was planned and executed to transform you and your photography. A course that encompasses subjects indispensable for your growth, making you an even more confident and capable professional to accomplish what you love most: photography!

Join this community and find an environment totally focused on your personal and professional growth, with people from all over the world.


How many classes does the course have?

CLICK PREMIUM / Family has a total of 30 classes, which will be taught by 30 of the best family photography professionals in the world!

What topics will I find in the course?

The subjects covered in this course range from photography of pregnant women, newborn photography to family photography itself. Here you will also find birth photography, baby monitoring, cake smash, children's in the studio and outside, image editing, among other themes. In addition you will also have classes with more technical topics such as: album layout, business, sales, studio management and marketing!

It is the complete and necessary package for every family photographer who wants to grow and stand out in their field!

How does the course work?

The course is 100% online and you can watch it anytime, anywhere, just by having access to the internet and logging into the course platform.

Has translation?

Yes! All classes have subtitled translations into English, Portuguese (Brazil) and Spanish.

Is the course suitable for beginning photographers?

Yes! The classes have an easy language to be absorbed and it is enriching for both beginners and professional photographers who are already inserted in the market.

How long can I enjoy the course?

The course will be available for a period of one year after purchase, within the platform.

Will there be a network community?

Yes of course! We have an exclusive Facebook group with instructors and students, so that everyone can interact, ask questions and exchange experiences.